Solflex Solid Surface


Solflex Solid Surface Countertops Supplier in the PhilippinesSolflex Solid Surface is a homogeneous sheet or slab material designed for kitchen counter tops, vanity and table tops, and other related interior design applications.

This long-lasting product exudes a combination of luxury and elegance. Its durable performance in a non-porous and seamless surface, along with other properties and benefits, makes Solflex a cut above the performance of other products.

Slab Dimension

Slab Dimension: 12mm x 760mm x 3050mm


Available Colors

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solflex solid surface nougat white Nougat White

solflex solid surface new white satinNew White Satin

solflex solid surface snow white Snow White

solflex solid surface polar white Polar White


solflex solid surface santal Santal

solflex solid surface fog pine Fog Pine

solflex solid surface silver stone Silver Stone

solflex solid surface castor root Castor Root


solflex solid surface ortega brown Ortega Brown

solflex solid surface lava Lava

solflex solid surface midnight Midnight

solflex solid surface raven black Raven Black

Colors may vary from actual slab.


Features of Solflex Solid Surface



This is the primary feature unique to Solflex Solid Surface. This means water or moisture cannot seep through these surface that can cause stains, dirt trappings, and weakening of the material. Solflex is impervious and unaffected by water and changes in humidity.

Enduring elegant Design

Enduring Elegant Design

Solflex Solid Surface is an innovation crafted to be durable, practical, and functional. However, it captures the elegant look of stone available in different color options. It has the beauty and elegance of a decorative surface that is sophisticated and timeless.



Suitable for horizontal and vertical use, Solflex Solid Surface is easy to install, cut, shape, drill, and bond to each other to create a continuous, seamless feature.



From countertops and backsplashes, table tops in commercial and residential applications, Solflex Solid Surface offers a remarkable level of versatility, durability and function way beyond the scope of other products.

Easy to maintain

Easy to Maintain

Since Solflex Solid Surface is non-porous, most spills can be wiped away with a damp cloth or sponge. Stubborn stains like vinegar, coffee, wine, and juice can be managed with household bleach and scrubbing pad.


Coving Feature

Unique back splash design is created for easy drainage of water and cleansing procedures. Convenient and easy to clean the water traffic areas in various counter top applications.



Scratches, chips, and accidental breakage can be easily repaired by filling the gaps with the original material.



Physical Properties of Solflex Solid Surface Counter Tops

Solflex Solid Surface is a matrix combination of ATH Powder (Alumina Trihydrate) Al (OH)3, polymer binder, colored chips and pigments. This product is enhanced by technological innovation to create a surface with the beauty and charm of natural stone and yet one that is machinable, seamless, easy to clean, and being non-porous with more hygienic surface.

Tensile Strength 6000psi Flexural Strength 7800psi
Barcol Hardness 55-60 Density 1.55 g/cc
Porosity <0.03% Thermal Expansion 3.02 x 10-5 in/in/°C
Temperature to bend 70°/ ft Thermal Conductivity 7 btu/hr/°C/ft²
Max Bending strength at fuse area/cross sectional area 8.167 N/cm² Work to Break 2.4 in-lb


Kinds of Nosing

Selecting the right nosing will help you achieve the look you want and compliment your surface and room.

bullnose non-drip skirting design for countertopsBULL NOSE NON-DRIP
n-06 bullnose skirting design for countertopsBULL NOSE
skirting design for countertops SKIRTING
skirting non-drip design for countertops SKIRTING NON-DRIP