solflex kitchen ideas - best for your dinner date

The month of intimacy and love is in the air and the much-awaited day for lovers will be celebrated this fourteenth of February. It is a significant day when couples and lovers alike express their intimacy with each other by staying together on a dinner date or just enjoy the night together. And the most common thing that lovers do during this romantic date is to have an intimate dinner together and enjoy the sweetness of the night. Food has always been a part of romance ever since human exists.

Some also accompany music during their dinner date to elevate the romantic setting and make it much intimate. Some hire musicians such as violinists or pianists just to make it much serene and sweet.

For some reasons, dinner date has been a popular thing for lovers who want to show their affection towards each other. Some people make some reservations to some fancy restaurant while others choose to cook some meals for their partner and show them how important they are.

If you prefer the latter, preparing and cooking a meal for two sounds so intimate and feels like you are in some dreams. Imagining the two of you sitting in front of each other drinking some wine, enjoying the food and is having a fun time together.

If you wanted to have the dinner date of your dreams but you do not know what to do, we got an idea for you. This Valentine’s Day, forget about the expensive way of showing your love through reservation and eating at a fancy restaurant.

Here are a bunch of dinner date ideas and a list of impressive recipes that you will surely enjoy.

steak with each other

Steak with each other

If you both love meat then preparing a mouthwatering steak will surely make your night awesome. Cook your steak to perfection and add some extra sauce on it, you will surely “Steak with each other” once you have a taste of it.

chicken for dinner

Chicken dinner?

Let your partner be excited and drool while you are serving this delicious dish on the table. Your favorite chicken wings will surely make you feel like you are flying together. Make sure to prepare some delicious sauce to make this dish tasty.

bento - japanese food


Love some Japanese food? You can try and prepare some bento and enjoy the night together. This is ideal for partners who love to explore a different culture and want to taste every food out there.

wine for the winners

Wine for the winners

Do not forget to prepare some wine during your dinner date. Having a wine will complete the package and will make your date much more intimate and romantic. Try to pour some wine on each other’s glasses and enjoy the whole night together.

While cooking meals or dishes for your exclusive dinner date is the most important part, you also have to put in mind the dining table where you will eat. Make sure to pick the most elegant tabletop to make your moment much satisfying.

Solflex Solid Surface Table tops have a lot of different color designs that will help you make your dinner date a success. With its simplicity and elegance alike, you will feel like you are dining on high-end restaurants and enjoying your date elegantly.