Markee Absolute Quartz Beauty and Versatility at its Finest

Markee Absolute Quartz Beauty and Versatility at its Finest

There’s no denying that engineered quartz is now the trend and an in-demand solid surface material as more and more homeowners and business owners are leaning into using it as their countertops. Quartz countertops are made to last in terms of function, form, and design because it is made up of 93% natural quartz mixed with 6% resin and 1% natural pigment. Quartz can realistically mimic natural stone and with the advance modern technology, quartz manufacturers continue to perfect their craft to make quartz countertops be the real deal.

Here in the Philippines, the leading and the trusted engineered stone countertop is Markee Absolute Quartz. It’s not only elegant looking, hygienic, non-porous, and low maintenance but it is also resistant to chemical, bacteria, heat, stain, and abrasion. Markee Absolute Quartz is man-made therefore it offers a large array of different marbling designs and colors. For these reasons, Markee Absolute Quartz has been patronized by homeowners and business establishments such as restaurants, café, hospitals, and clinics for their countertop needs.


  1. Contemporary Kitchen Countertop– adorn your kitchen with an elegant countertop material that gives you a comfortable, ergonomic, and attractive kitchen interior. Markee Absolute Quartz-color Peppercorn makes your countertop modern-looking for years, also this color easily matches cabinet with neutral colors. kitchen countertop
  2. Aesthetic & Hygienic Bar Counter- Leave a good statement and neat impression to your guests with your hygienic bar countertop. Markee Absolute Quartz- New White Clouds color gives off that tidy and cozy atmosphere to your bar interior. restaurant countertop
  3. Classic Stylish Hospital Countertop- choose a solid surface that assures your Markee Absolute Quartz-Cream Rose meets the sanitation requirements for hospital countertops with curated designs and patterns that suit stylish designs and architectural trends. hospital countertop
  4. Seamless Beauty Clinic Countertop– Look great with a little effort- have a seamlessly looking countertop that will surely leave a long-lasting impression to your customers. Markee Absolute Quartz-Pure White radiates smooth vibes plus it is easy-to-clean too. beauty clinic countertop
  5.  Elegant Vanity top and Accent Wall- Achieve timeless elegance of natural stone and a remarkable finish with Markee Absolute Quartz- New Black Dragon. This one makes a very beautiful statement piece. vanity countertop

Create special moments with the trusted brand for your countertop needs, Markee Absolute Quartz guarantees a long-lasting, timeless beauty and versatility.

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