Markee Absolute Quartz Kitchen Countertop

With the recent trend of functionality and aesthetics altogether and with all products clamoring endlessly to suffice the consumers with their features, no wonder it’s getting all the consumers confused and fickle.

Now the sales force is cornering buyers to buy now. While the marketing professionals are unceasingly thinking of ways to attract the consumers, how do we know what is real from what is the popularly known as “sales-talk”?

For me, one thing I know for sure what you want for sure. Once you know it, research about it and ask reliable sources. Market leader always are the real thing, the new players are those riding in the fad of the business, mostly these are up to no good.

For instance, I recently got the chance to do a brief research about quartz solid surface, I strongly believed that I did my homework, I did a study of what quartz solid surface is and here is what I got. Engineered quartz is 93% natural quartz with 6% binder resins and 1% other minerals.

Upon further research and to my surprise, quartz solid surface are the hottest kitchen trends right now. Mainly for the reasons below:

  1. Engineered quartz countertops are very durable:
  • Unlike high-maintenance other material (which are pretty to look at but fragile to touch and work around), quartz solid surface is naturally stain repellent and stain resistant to acidic foods.
  • It’s sturdy against scratches and chips. This means, you will have peace of mind and be worry free about your countertops looking miserable after constant use and normal wear and tear.
  1. Engineered quartz countertops are very stylish:
  • By far, the biggest reason for quartz solid surface’s popularity can be traced back to quartz’s aesthetic appeal.
hokien chinese restaurant markee absolute quartz countertop

Hokien Chines Restaurant, City Time Square, Cebu

So with this, engineered quartz countertops are definitely known to be very durable, very easy to maintain and impervious to household stain. Quartz solid surface, as per the experts, are a very good choice for tops that get a lot of use namely the kitchen counters, reception counter, bar tops and the like.

However, if you’re still not sure what kind of using quartz solid surface, visit the website of S.E.A. OLYMPUS MARKETING, INC. (they are the distributors of Markee Absolute Quartz Solid Surface – the leading Quartz brand in the Philippines) to learn more about specific materials, its maintenance and how to mix and match the different kitchen style, usage and functionality.