Solid Surface counter top for modern and convenient kitchen. But scratches are unavoidable at the most whether you carefully move around your solid surface, somehow, someone has to manage to scratch on it.

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But never fret! There are simple ways to deal with this unwanted look on your solid surface. This troubling sight can surprisingly be sanded away and still look as new without removing the affected part!

Though anyone can clean away this scratch problem, you can contact your trusted technician to do it for you especially the major-to do work. However, if you decide to do it yourself, before doing everything else, assess the little damages on your counter top; all the scratches that has to be erased from the face of your counter top for one-time work.


Next thing on your to-do list is the cleaning of the surface with liquid soap and warm water. But if stains are stubborn, you can use a dirt solution of bicarbonate of soda and the amazing wonders of white vinegar (works all the time). Rinse it and dry with towel.

And the real job of polishing and wiping those untidy scratches from your sight! Just remember, no matter how extensive the damage, begins buffing lightly with the lowest grade of sandpaper then gradually increase the grit of your sandpaper. Be meticulous, however, with scratches that become less visible.


After doing the job, damp away the resulting powder with a sponge to gather all tiny particles then wipe clean with dry towel for traces of water.

If your counter-top-reconditioning has affected the color, polish the surface to redress the color before sealing it because a solid surface usually comprises a coating to protect it from staining & make it more hard-wearing. If not indicated, you can use one that conforms to the room it is installed in.

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