solflex superior solid surface strength, durability and quality

It is in human nature to keep on making ways to improve. Be it on their hobby, job, or passion one always tries to pursue greatness and superiority. Because of this, our society had greatly achieved improvements from the day our ancestors discovered how to use fire in the past.

Starting that point everything had developed at an increasingly fast pace, from the industrial revolution that helped developed the world up to the latest digital revolution that helps interconnection within the world a lot easier than before.

Though we have developed by leaps and bounds, humans have still eager to seek improvement in life. As for the many industries and businesses, there is a constant pressure of seeking ways for future development. As for our part, Solflex Solid Surfaces is proud to present one of its revolutionary products. It is the result of constantly finding ways to make things better.

Solflex Superior is a solid surface product that is Revolutionary, Eco-Friendly, and Simply Elegant.

solflex superior solid surface more impact resistant than quartz, solid surface and granite


The product is made by combining polyester and acrylic resins using special technology to create a hybrid product in one shape. Because of such process, Solflex Superior is tougher and more durable compared to other solid surfaces it has 30% impact resistance compared to Quartz, 120% impact resistance than other Solid Surfaces, and 200% more impact resistance than that of Granite. And can be able to withstand the heat of about 150 degrees Celsius.

eco-friendly solflex superior solid surface

Eco Friendly:

Solflex Superior is a prefabricated product, so less time is consumed for mass production. This means that the carbon footprint is greatly reduced. Material used for the production is an organic fiber making it eco-friendly. The durability and strength make its maintenance a lot easier.

simply elegant solflex superior solid surface

Simply Elegance:

Aside from being revolutionary and eco-friendly. Solflex Superior preformed’s elegant atmosphere can also be felt with its backsplash and front edge skirting. Simplicity and elegance are achieved with prefabricated backsplash and front edge.

Thin, light, but very strong.