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Are you a clean freak? Do you feel uneasy if you saw that your kitchen is dirty? Is it tiring to clean it? Something tells me I’m not alone.

Cooking is fun. Most of us enjoy cooking or preparing something for ourselves or for others. The fun and bond that you do with what you have cooked for yourself or for others feels rewarding once you are satisfied with the result. But it’s different when it comes to cleaning up, venturing to the cleaning process depends on who does it. “You cook and I’ll clean” is no longer a fair trade as some countertops requires extra push.

pristine kitchen countertop

No matter what kind of countertops you have, they will eventually need to be cleaned. Cleaning can be drastic if your countertop requires handful of maintenance. From different types of stains or mess that can affect your precious island, to maintaining it from the types of cleaning materials you will be using that might affect your countertop. Considerations are crucial so choosing the countertop that suits for your need is the first thing to decide.

A countertop that can be easily cleaned if your kids are making some mess, durable that can withstand scratches and durable for being non-porous that water, moisture and bacteria from dirt have no place to stay. Easy wipe, easy clean. And the best choice for that is Prime by Solflex Solid Surface.

Prime by Solflex is your big time savers, durable, low-maintenance materials and a wide range of features that you should have in considering your preference to cleanliness.


With Prime by Solflex being Non-Porous, it is ideal for moderate traffic countertops as it prevents water and moisture to seeps in making it durable than others. Any spills and dirt can easily cleaned up by simply wiping it away, less hassle in maintaining your Prime by Solflex countertop. Prime by Solflex is an alternative for a busy person or someone who prefers pristine, easy to clean and maintain kitchen countertop.

Prime by Solflex is also eco-friendly that is certified by Greenguard Indoor Air Quality, assuring that any contact of heat or chemical in this prestigious solid surface, it won’t emit harmful air odor or substances.  It is also certified as a food equipment material by the National Sanitation Foundation (NSF-51) International, making it safe for people who loves to bake or make pastries as you can make your dough directly in your Prime countertop. It is widely known as safe for food preparation and sanitation as the certification implies.

NSF & Greenguard Certified Solid Suface Counter & Table Tops

With great selection of colors for your kitchen style, Prime by Solflex offers a selection of 12 colors. Prime by Solflex also have the capabilities that can withstand the damaging effects of the sun’s ultraviolet light, making it functional for outdoor kitchen or dining application.

Prime by Solflex is the solid surface and best choice for kitchen countertop who loves cleaning and a pristine kitchen that you can be of.

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