Solflex Newest Colors

Looking for durable and elegant countertops? Solflex Solid Surface newest colors might just be what you need. The Starry Skies, Terrazo, and Glacier are the three colors added to our wide selection of countertops.  Continue to read to find great suggestions on design and application with Solflex Solid Surface newest colors.

Glacier Solflex Solid Surface

You will love our Glacier Soflex Solid Surface. It comes in a boney white color with slightly earth tones of gray spots that will complement a clean white bathroom design. Solflex Solid Surface material has a coving feature; a unique backsplash design created for easy cleaning and to keep the wall behind the counter from water damage.

Terrazo Solflex Solid Surface

Try our Terrazo Solflex Solid Surface, gray-tone and customized countertop material with natural chips that make it have a beautiful finish. Made using high-quality and modified resin, Terrazo is more durable compared to other countertop materials. For stylish and unique design projects, Terrazo Solflex Solid Surface can customize it for you.

Starry Skies Solflex Solid Surface

How about the Starry Skies Solflex Solid Surface? This latest Solflex color can bring a dreamy touch into your modern condo unit. Its design is like a night sky full and lightened by stars. This color design can fit any color or shade of cabinets that will make a statement to your kitchen space. With Solflex Solid Surface you can never go wrong. It is non-porous which prevents water or moisture penetration through the surface that may soon weaken the substrate. This feature will guarantee you kitchen countertop protection to make it last longer.

Solflex Solid Surface is surely the countertop you need to achieve that look you want and complete your interior design goal.

Solflex Solid Surface

Solflex Solid surface has been around in the market for many years now. It is the most trusted and high–quality solid surface countertop material and has been the top choice of the highest rated hospitality, construction, and commercial industries in the country. Sollflex Solid Surface is your one and only keyword to seamless perfection.

Here are the common uses and applications of Solflex:
  • Kitchen countertop – Solflex Solid surface is a non-porous material making it suitable and safe to use for the kitchen. This countertop material can guarantee you protection and a long-lasting solid surface as its non-porous feature prevents water, moisture, stain, or dirt penetration which be the cause to weaken the substrate.
Kitchen countertop
  • Office Table – Long gone are the days where melamine board are the default office desks. With Solflex Solid Surface, a beautiful, durable and long lasting material is what every office right now needs. Apart from breaking free from the boring office desk, Solflex Solid Surface can withstand the daily busy schedule and activities you have even better than conventional desks.
Office table
  • Vanity Top – Solflex Solid Surface material is used for the vanity top in most residential and commercial establishments. The material is capable of standing up water, soap and is easy to clean with the use of damp cloth.
Vanity Top
  • Table Top – Modern furniture table top made with Solflex Solid Surface will surely compliment your home interior.  It has has the beauty and elegance of a decorative surface that is sophisticated and timeless and are available in different color options to fit any desired countertop designs.
  • Reception Counter – First Impressions last. Yes and with that, provide your future business partners with a reception desk that swoops them off their feet with Solflex Solid Surface. Solflex offers a remarkable level of versatility, beauty and functionality which is more than enough to meet your needs.
  • Ledges – Let creativity become your master. Achieve a very neat finish when you use Solflex Solid Surface for your ledges. It is a cut above the rest, a contemporary finish that cannot be achieve with any other material. Now you have the freedom to design your ledges.

With whatever project that comes to light let Solflex Solid Surface be the top choice in mind.

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In a hospital setting, we do not want to contribute to the spread of the possible infections coming from different people coming in and out the facility. Most common place where interaction of a medical staff and a patient happens in the hospital’s reception area.  This is why surface hygiene is very important and choosing the right countertop material should always be considered for everyone’s safety.

Markee Absolute Quartz Engineered Stone is your wisest choice for a countertop material for the following beneficial reasons:

  • Non-Porous – Markee Absolute Quartz is a hygienic countertop due to its non-porous property.  The dirt and unwanted stains, molds and bacteria can hardly penetrate on your surface material which is a very important factor for hospital use. 
  • Chemical and bacteria resistant – Markee Absolute Quartz is a very healthy choice for high traffic areas such as hospital reception areas as it is safe in contact with bacteria and common cleaning chemicals.
  • Easy to clean – This is one of the most desired characteristics of quartz. It is easy to clean with just the use of mild soap and water to wipe away most stains.
  • Durable – Markee Absolute Quartz is composed of 93% engineered quartz, promises a strong durability and is capable to withstand soft and hard impacts. Having a material that is not easily damaged means reducing the risk of bacteria to penetrate the small seam or imperfections on the surface.

Markee Absolute Quartz is visually attractive, safe to use and can last for years. This is a one of a kind countertop that offers excellent durability, cost efficiency and safety suitable for hospitals or medical clinics and laboratories.    

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Prime by Solflex

Plan to renovate? Or even build your dream home? There are a hundred factors and choices to consider and to choose from. One on the list is your countertop material. You need to think about the practicality and the advantages you will get from each type of material you will use. In this write-up, we will focus our discussion on 100% acrylic solid surface material – Prime by Solflex.

Why is a Pure Grade Acrylic Resin countertop a good choice?

Creative design

Acrylic resin is a material that boasts of having remarkable flexibility capabilities. It is every designer’s dream material as it can cater to seemingly endless designs. This advantage gives freedom to those who are looking for a countertop material that will let their creativity run wild and made it possible.


Prime by Solflex is suitable for various applications and is available in different colors. An acrylic resin solid surface is produced to be versatile. It can be custom-made to fit any shape or design and finish. Prime by Solflex is suitable and best used for kitchen countertops, vanity top and table tops, and other related countertop applications.


Since it is made from 100% acrylic resin, Prime by Solflex can withstand the damaging effects of the sun’s UV rays, the material being used is similar to materials used to make outdoor signages therefore using a pure acrylic resin solid surface makes selected outdoor applications possible.

Virtually Seamless

Prime by Solflex countertops can be joined to achieve a virtually seamless solid surface. The product is made of homogenous material with the same color and pattern running throughout the slab which makes the jointing relatively easy.

Sanitary and Hygienic

Love to prepare and cook meals? Prime by Solflex countertop is certified as a sanitary food equipment material by National Sanitation Foundation International (NSF-51) making it safe for any food contact such as food preparation and especially when baking.

Prime by Solflex is just one of the brands of solid surface material that is widely used in the market.

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White Solid Surface Countertop

White kitchen countertops will probably never go out of style, and we at Solflex Solid Surface couldn’t agree more. We have a variety of Solid Surfaces with white and light shades perfect to fulfill your White Solid Surface Kitchen Countertop Ideas.

A countertop is the central elements in any kitchen or bathroom; it has to be vibrant without being too flashy. White Solid surface for your homes will automatically illuminate and give that brighter space you need. White solid surface can be pair with any kind of flooring, wall paint, fixtures and accessories at home.

Solflex White Solid surface countertop ideas

  1. Modern Glam Kitchen – put that glamorous style of yours into your home. Prime by Solflex Pure white solid surface will complement those crazy kitchen ideas you have in mind.
Modern Glam Kitchen

2. Two-colors touch kitchen – countertops that contrast the style and color of your cabinets is also a good one. This can leave a good statement to your home interior.

Two-colors touch kitchen

3. Minimalist design countertop – minimalist kitchen countertops for non-cookers? Ensure that the space allocated can incorporate necessary kitchen appliances and you’re done! Markee engineered stone in New White Clouds can enhance the space with a slight whiff of gray lines to give that cozy atmosphere to your home kitchen.

Minimalist Design Countertop

4. Classic Kitchen – remodeling kitchen space is a trend now. Make sure to choose the right solid surface countertop for your needs. Solflex Superior Solid Surface material can give you that satisfaction you need, with its durable performance and cut to fit the standard size and a reasonable price with 6 classic colors that surely never go out of style.

Classic Kitchen

5. Heavenly Home kitchen – Pairing your kitchen countertop with white cabinets and white walls to give you an ultimately relaxing and satisfying ambiance to your interior. Solflex Solid Surface is the perfect material for a heavenly home kitchen you wanted with a lot of white variations to choose from. Its elegance and practicality come together in one finished good.

Heavenly Home Kitchen

Factors like budget, heat resistance, ease of maintenance and other features and benefits should be considered in choosing the reliable solid surface material you need. Solflex Solid Surface has those feature and advantages and also here to guide you in making a wise decision before you do the purchase.

We are more than glad to help you.

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Markee Countertop care and maintenance

As the saying goes, one who maintains cleanliness keeps away diseases. A very relevant belief in this current time we are facing. In our home, kitchen countertops are some of the dirtiest surfaces in our home, especially since this is where we do cook and food preparation. Different types of countertops require different methods of care. Now we will discover how to take care of your Quartz Kitchen countertop.

It is tempting to wipe down your quartz countertop with whatever multipurpose cleaner you’ve got at home, but it could be damaging to the surface. Markee Absolute Quartz Solid Surface is here to give you guidelines on how to take care of your kitchen countertop.

Countertop cleaning guidelines

  • Regular cleaning should be done with mild soap and a soft cloth. Make sure the soap is non-bleach and non-abrasive, it may discolor the surface.
  • Quartz countertops are stain-resistant but not stain proof. It can resist stains for a short period, but all colored and acidic liquids (such as cola, coffee) should be promptly cleaned.
  • A surface cleaner can be used for heavy or dried stains with a non-abrasive sponge to protect the surface for damages.
  • A plastic putty knife is safe to scrape away grease, gum, or paint. Use a degreasing cleanser that is formulated for Quartz countertops, to clean off grease. Rinse away immediately. 
  • An oil-based cleanser or commercial grade alcohol is suitable to remove ink or permanent markers. Rinse with warm water immediately after the stain is removed.

Preventing Countertop Damage

  • Quartz countertops are heat resistant but it can damage the surface with direct heat contact. Using rubber mats, pads or trivets for hot pans is highly recommended.
  • Quartz countertops are very scratch-resistant, but they can be damaged when forcefully hit with sharp objects. A cutting board is always recommended.
  • Clean immediately with a mild detergent and rinse, in case of spillage.
  • Avoid cleaning Quartz countertop with bleach and other highly acidic cleansers.
  • Quartz countertops are durable that it can withstand high impacts, but it can chip and can be cracked with a forced pressure.

Keep in mind all these simple guidelines on how to take care of your Quartz kitchen countertops, Markee Absolute Quartz may be resilient as we offer a 10-year limited warranty, they also need some tender loving care.  

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As the saying goes “change is the only constant thing in life” whether it is a simple encounter such as a change in our schedule, weather or any adjustments in life it is always given. Once there is a change, improvements are also expected because we always find ways to be better.

Evidently businesses, now act as solutions provider through innovation. This couldn’t be truer with SEA Olympus Marketing Inc. as we are continually looking for advance solutions for the development of our community. From this core value, SOLFLEX SOLID SURFACE came to life. Where we meet the best features and advantages that consumers will require in finding building materials for their kitchen counter top, vanity top, table tops and other related interior design applications at a reasonable price point.

SOLFLEX is a polymerized solid surface material that has good SUSTAINABILITY, unique COVING FEATURE and CUSTOMIZABLE.


This is a modified acrylic type of a solid surface in which minerals and resins are blended together creating a single matrix, stone hard and flexible material. SOLFLEX is a non-porous solid surface material which makes the product last longer. This feature prevents water, moisture, stain and dirt to penetrate the surface. Since SOLFLEX solid surface is a non-porous, most spills can be wiped away with a damp cloth or sponge. This material can be able to last for a very long time with a given proper maintenance.


SOLFLEX has a unique backsplash design unlike other solid surface brands. This is created for easy drainage of water and cleaning purposes. This coving feature makes the cleaning of water traffic areas in SOLFLEX convenient and easy.


Aside from its sustainability and coving feature SOLFLEX can also be modified according to individual specifications or preference. No matter how wide or long your counter top design maybe, SOLFLEX can be virtually seamless. SOLFLEX is also suitable for horizontal and vertical use; Sink and drainboard integration can also be done in accordance to your design. Sky is the limit to the design possibilities we can do for SOLFLEX SOLID SURFACE.

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In order to have our dream kitchen be fully complete, we also need to take into consideration the kitchen sink that we will be using. The kitchen sink can also make or break the end result of your whole kitchen design. That is why choosing the perfect kitchen sink for your ideal kitchen set should also be well planned.

There is absolutely a lot of mesmerizing and attractive sink available in the market. There are so many designs and styles that you can choose from. In choosing the best kitchen sink, you should put in mind that the kitchen sink is the center of attraction of your kitchen. 

You must choose carefully before deciding to buy one. This is truly not a simple task, you should pick a sink that will suit your lifestyle and will also serve its purpose more efficiently. Make sure that the sink is durable and stylish at the same time.

Markee Kitchen Sinks can help solve your entire problem. Markee kitchen sink can provide you both the elegance and durability that you have been longing for your kitchen sink. 

It is made from 70% to 80% mineral Quartz and is cast by means of a special computer-controlled polymerization casting process making it ideal for designs and homeowners to perfectly fit in versatility with functional attributes of a smooth and a hardworking kitchen sink.

Feature Advantage and Benefit of Markee Kitchen Sink

Scratch and Dent Proof – Since Markee kitchen sink is made up of quartz, it can easily withstand heavy kitchen activities and contact with assorted materials commonly used in kitchens (e.g. knives, pots, pans, plates, glasses, utensils, etc.). It will provide you with the peace of mind knowing that the money you invested will not go to waste.

Hygienic – Markee kitchen sink is nonporous. It also has an Antibacterial and Ultra Clean Formula protection against undesired bacteria proliferation, which can cause bad odor and stains. The protection does not wash out or wear away

Certified Quality – The craftsmanship and the stone-hard structure of Markee kitchen sink will make sure that this kitchen sink can provide you with lifetime performance and functionality.

Stain and Dirt resistant – Since it is non-porous, dirt and other pigments will not be able to penetrate the sink’s surface. As a result, the cleaning and maintenance of the product will be much easier.

Heat Resistant – And last but not the least, Markee kitchen sink is heat resistant. It is ideal for an area where cooking is always done. It can also withstand any interior design that accommodates the advantages of sunlight for natural illuminations.

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