Advantage of Using Markee Absolute Quartz

Engineered quartz had steadily gathered popularity due to its unique qualities. Either for personal or business application, this type of product has been highly sought after. Our product Markee Engineered Quartz offers a lot of benefits and advantages that most of the customers are looking for such as durability, strength, and beauty. Here are some of the reasons why Markee Engineered Quartz is the ideal solid surface for your kitchen counter tops or vanity tops.

Before we continue let us first give you an idea on what engineered quartz is. It is a man-made product that dates back to the late 1980’s. Markee Engineered quartz is made up of Quartz (the hardest known non-gem material in the world) Resin, and Natural Pigment creating extraordinary looks and designs.

Markee Engineered Quartz is a high-end surfacing material that can be used as an attractive, versatile, and distinctive finish for both residential and commercial buildings.

Markee absolute quartz - durable

Markee Engineered Quartz does not easily wear.

Since the material is made up of quartz it is very durable. It can easily withstand the wear and tear even of used in heavy traffic industries. It has higher resistance against scratches and abrasion as well as high temperature.

Markee absolute quartz - easy to clean and low maintenance

Markee Engineered Quartz is easy to clean and maintain.

Because Markee is non-porous spills and stains cannot penetrate and will only stay on the surface. As a result it can be easily cleaned and maintain using soap, water and other mild household cleaners.

Markee absolute quartz - chemical and bacteria resistant

Markee Engineered Quartz is chemical and bacteria resistant.

Markee is safe for food production since food contact with this solid surface is safe. This is ideal if you are planning to have a food business or simply using it for your personal kitchen top.