The most common example of the minimal style applied in the present is the case of the minimalist kitchen.

Basically, a minimalist kitchen compiles extreme modern kitchen accessories with straight shaped lines and non bold colors and all the accessories from such a kitchen will take minimal space. Still, it is perfectly usable as it will have all the necessary stuff for a normal kitchen.

white minimalist kitchen island interior design

Basic accessories like the oven, the fridge and the dishwasher should be incorporated in the same corp of furniture. Also, the table where the sink is, is also used as a regular eating table, in order to cut off some space. This is a form that incorporates a blend of kitchen with dining table.

black and white Minimalist kitchen with wooden island

As for the chairs, it should only have chairs without a backrest and preferably made of steel. The chairs should adopt the dominant color of the room, as modernism must be lead to its peek.

Minimalist kitchen with wooden island and solid surface top

The idea of a minimalist kitchen will make you feel friendly, happy and comfortable when on the move in the kitchen.

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