Solflex Solid Surface Countertops

Hospitals and other healthcare facilities require a much better understanding when it comes to choosing the ideal materials that will suit their needs. You need to take into consideration different aspects such as aesthetics, quality, safety, durability, and costs.

It is a common knowledge that laboratories, healthcare facilities, and hospitals house a lot of germs and bacteria. This is why it is necessary to create a design and choose a material that will help limit the risks of exposure and contamination of bacteria in these facilities.

Other than the maintenance and different cleaning measures that will keep the place safe and hygienic, there are other ways that can help keep the bacteria and germs contained. One of the ideal ways is to choose materials that are durable, cost effective and is best suitable for keeping the bacteria away making sure that the environment is clean and safe.

Solflex Solid Surface is the perfect material needed for the reception area, break room, bathrooms and other areas in the hospital that needs countertop materials that provides elegance, functionality, durability, and safety.

Solid Surface is Durable

Hospitals and other medical facilities have a very high rate of traffic. That is why it is important to use solid surface materials that are durable and can stand the daily wear and tear. Solflex Solid Surface material is a highly durable product that does not easily delaminate and can perform extremely well in high traffic areas.

Virtually Seamless

A seam is an area where a gap between materials exists; this is where dirt and bacteria alike are stuck making your countertop and this is unacceptable in places that need to be always clean such as hospitals and laboratories. Solflex Solid Surface materials are virtually seamless meaning it can be joined inconspicuously to create a seamless look. This will keep the dirt and other debris from getting stuck on the solid surface making it much safer and cleaner.


This is one of the main reasons why Solflex Solid Surface is the best material for hospital countertop. Our solid surface is non-porous and is impervious from moisture penetration; as a result, it prevents the growth of fungi and bacteria that are dangerous to our health.

Versatile, Renewable and Repairable

The application of Solflex is limited only by one’s imagination. It can be applied for both horizontal and vertical applications making it a perfect fit or your design and aesthetic needs. Another thing most of the marks and scratches can be easily be fixed since the color runs all through the material.

The surface can be easily restored to its original condition and most of its damages can be dealt with on-site.

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