The Solid Surface that goes well with your White Interior

Are you considering interior renovations but want to try something different? Each completed home offers us a window into the peoples’ personalities. You can learn a lot about someone’s lifestyle and preferences by looking at the colors they use to decorate their home. For this reason, White is the color of choice for those who want to give their home a refined or elegant feel.

White is the color of simplicity. Everything that it surrounds can be improved by white. Purity, peace, and acceptance are all resonant with this color. So, designers love white rooms for their delicate nature and versatility in mixing various eras and styles in addition to how lovely they look.

There are many different variations of color schemes that go well with white, so we’ll examine the most popular ones that you can use right away for your interior. What’s more, together with our PRIME BY SOLFLEX SOLID SURFACE, your white interior becomes more elegant than ever.


Maintaining a single-color temperature will help the room look cozy and harmonious. Ivory, milky, creamy, or champagne are good choices for diluted soft shades with a pinkish or nude undertone. Combine this interior with our Prime by Solflex Milky Sands countertop, it gives off a soft warm feeling to the ambiance of your interior. It doesn’t look too plain and is perfect for the warm tone’s designs.


White, when combined with black and gray, makes an amazing visual effect. Combining these colors is straightforward and easy to do. With our Prime Calcatta, it increases volume and dynamics to the complexion of the interior and adds balance to it, making the interior an extremely sophisticated and soft appearance.


The combination of wood and greenery is the best. Using natural elements and textures in a color scheme is the simplest way to make it cozy, inviting, and unwinding. White becomes the base here, and combining with our Prime by Solflex White Wash will give cooling and refreshing quality to the interior.


Bright accents can show personality, wrap up off the interior of the room, and provide visitors with a positive environment and comfortable setting. As white as the base, it’s perfect combination with our Prime Snow Pearl. This will give a bright yet inviting ambiance and complexity to the whole room.


A monochrome palette made up only of white shades is an alternative for the boldest ones. However, different shades of white can be used even though there is only whiteness in this instance. It perfectly blends with our Prime Pure White for it gives a serene, relaxing, brighter, and cleaner setting to the interior.

You can never go wrong with our Prime by Solid Surface. It’s the best fit of any of your white interior designs. For more information, details, and quotations, contact this number – 09989646900 or email us on