installation tips to achieve a seamless countertop

One of the benefits of having a seamless result is on its aesthetic effect. Achieving seamless result gives an illusion that the whole solid surface was not cut. This is because of its ability to create visually invisible jointing that cannot be easily seen through the naked eye.

Also one of its advantages is that its cutting measurement is accurate making it perfectly fit when you install it. As a result there will be little to no spaces for debris and dust to stay and be accumulated. This will make cleaning and maintenance of the solid surfaces a lot easier and faster since there will be no spaces for this dirt to stay.

In order to get satisfying results, one should have the right knowledge and proper preparation in order to have positive results. Here are some useful tips on installing Solflex Solid Surfaces and achieving seamless jointing results.

  • Before installing the Solflex Solid Surface, you should check if the product has no damage upon purchase. The substrate and wall must be smoothed this is necessary; even though Solflex is flat it will still follow the shape of the substrate.
  • Prepare all the necessary tools needed during the installation. After which measure the substrate if it conforms to the standards of the solid surface. Also, if a sink is present for customizing, check the hole’s dimensions and reflect it in the lay out.
  • Then proceed to cutting the item into its desired measurements. It is better to clamp the Solflex on the cutting table to have a clean cutting result and to minimize possible error or mistakes. After the cutting process place it on the substrate together with the bowl for the sink, check for any irregularities in the surface and in the product as well.
  • Put right amount of Solflex Solid Surface adhesive in the substrate which the product covered as well as the sink. Ensure that the adhesive is evenly distributed then let it cure for several hours.
Solflex Solid Surface bar countertop
  • And for jointing, prepare the Solflex Solid Surface Adhesive resin and mix it thoroughly with the right color and amount of toner paste that will produce opaque colors that will perfectly rematch with the solid surface in order to have a seamless connection.
  • Each item should be put on a leveled surface before applying the right amount of adhesive. Use clamping tools to bond each surfaces together. Let it cure for 24 hours for it to reach the desired bonding strength.
  • Scrape the excess adhesive on the solid surface after curing is done. You can now sand it using ascending grit numbers then apply buffing solution. After following this tips you install the Solflex Solid Surface without a problem and you will be able to achieve Virtually Seamless Result on its jointing.