As the saying goes “change is the only constant thing in life” whether it is a simple encounter such as a change in our schedule, weather or any adjustments in life it is always given. Once there is a change, improvements are also expected because we always find ways to be better.

Evidently businesses, now act as solutions provider through innovation. This couldn’t be truer with SEA Olympus Marketing Inc. as we are continually looking for advance solutions for the development of our community. From this core value, SOLFLEX SOLID SURFACE came to life. Where we meet the best features and advantages that consumers will require in finding building materials for their kitchen counter top, vanity top, table tops and other related interior design applications at a reasonable price point.

SOLFLEX is a polymerized solid surface material that has good SUSTAINABILITY, unique COVING FEATURE and CUSTOMIZABLE.


This is a modified acrylic type of a solid surface in which minerals and resins are blended together creating a single matrix, stone hard and flexible material. SOLFLEX is a non-porous solid surface material which makes the product last longer. This feature prevents water, moisture, stain and dirt to penetrate the surface. Since SOLFLEX solid surface is a non-porous, most spills can be wiped away with a damp cloth or sponge. This material can be able to last for a very long time with a given proper maintenance.


SOLFLEX has a unique backsplash design unlike other solid surface brands. This is created for easy drainage of water and cleaning purposes. This coving feature makes the cleaning of water traffic areas in SOLFLEX convenient and easy.


Aside from its sustainability and coving feature SOLFLEX can also be modified according to individual specifications or preference. No matter how wide or long your counter top design maybe, SOLFLEX can be virtually seamless. SOLFLEX is also suitable for horizontal and vertical use; Sink and drainboard integration can also be done in accordance to your design. Sky is the limit to the design possibilities we can do for SOLFLEX SOLID SURFACE.

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food preparation

The current pandemic has been a great challenge to each and every one of us. We had not imagined how tough it is to live and survive during these trying times. We have been locked up in our homes in order to keep us away from the virus.

With these, we had a long quality time together with our family. We are able to reconnect with them and be with them. We learn how precious life can be when someone is there to take care of you.

With this, we at Solflex Solid Surface will help you find ways to show how much you care about your family. Well, there are a lot of ways to show how much you care. Since we are all inside the premises of our house, we cannot go outside and buy gifts for our family.

The best way to show your love and care during this quarantine season is to cook some delicious food and eat it together with the family. Preparing food is one of the ways to show them how much you appreciate your family.


Eating together with our family is the best way to socialize and reconnect with our loved ones. You can talk about anything while you are in the kitchen enjoying the food that you prepared. When everyone is present during the meal, the atmosphere becomes lively and positive.


You can also show your love to your special someone. Since we are on lockdown, you can try to have some food and other stuff delivered at their doorstep. In this way, you can show them that despite the situation that we are currently in, you are always there for her/him.


Another thing that can help you show them your love is to bake some sweets for the family especially for the kids. We all know that chocolates are synonymous with love and sweetness. Baked goods can also be of great help. It emphasizes the time and effort that you spend just to provide them with these delicious snacks. I am sure everyone will appreciate your effort.

In this trying time, being with our family is the best way to cope up with this hard and depressing time. The love and affection that our close kin provides can help us all survive this pandemic.

Also, if you are planning to bake or cook meals for your family make sure that your kitchen countertop is up for the job. Our Prime by Solflex Solid Surface is the perfect countertop material for all your kitchen needs.

Prime by Solflex Acrylic Solid Surface is the perfect match for your kitchen countertop. Prime by Solflex products are non-porous and are NSF-51 Certified for the food preparation area. To learn more about our different products please visit us here.

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